What is SovTech SME?

SovTechSME helps companies accomplish more, while spending less. Our customers buy digital goods and services for their business online using SovTechSME’s Marketplace and see immediate savings as well as enhanced efficiency. SovTechSME’s Marketplace provides hand-picked service providers, as well as over 100 different SME-focused digital services. Shortlisting, assistance from one of our experts, project communication, project tracking and payments are combined in a single enterprise-class solution.

100% Cloud

Nothing to download, install or configure. 100% Web-based.


World-class hosting, zero-downtime network, daily backup and SSL encryption.

Personalised Support

Our experts are just a conversation away, and free forever.


Our platform is already used by teams all over the world in solving problems.


"SovTechSME Helped us test our educational concept in the local market, and verify the potential around upgrading our company processes. We are now taking things to the next level, and we are doing it through the platform."

Shari Joseph

Co-founder @ Eduvation
"We used SovTechSME to get our business to the next stage of it's growth cycle and ready to compete with bigger market players. The process was simple, the platform was easy, and the work was delivered in a matter of days! I still use it to this day for Digital Marketing and Maintenance of my Website"

Teresa Bell

Owner @ Smudj Clothing

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