4 Latest Trends In The Content Industry

More Leads Through Content

The content industry has seen many changes in the last few years. With the rise of digital marketing and a big emphasis placed on digital marketing for businesses, freelance content writers are more available than ever. A recent statistic showed that companies who maintained an active blog and who constantly posted fresh content had 67% increase in leads on their company website. It has become very simple and easy for companies to hire freelance writers if they do not have a marketing team or in house writer. With an increased need for content, freelance writers are more in demand than ever. Define your goals and what you would like to achieve with the content, eg: keywords, generic informative content or insightful, thought provoking content.

Visually Appealing Content

content that is formatted well and is visually appealing gathers more user engagement. Your content will receive little traction if it is not visually appealing, meaning images placed within the content. Making your content visually appealing can be time consuming, but it is so worth it if you would like to generate user engagement with your content. Add relevant images that coincide with your content, informative infographics or engaging videos.

More Links To Your Website

Regularly updated content plays an important role for SEO, as companies with fresh content receive more links to their companies. The content produced and distributed should always be new, informative or interesting, therefore it will generate more attention and receive more links to your website. Link building is key for offsite SEO purposes.

ROI through blogging and content

According to the recent statistics, blogging and other content related updates on your website can lead to a 13 times increase in the return on your investment. Investing in content for your business is worth it as getting more content out there allows search engines to find your website easily. Great content will also generate awareness for your business and increase user engagement if your content is interesting.




March 8, 2017