7 Of The Best Instant Messaging Apps

Theses days, in the digital era there are a large amount of messaging apps available. It is not surprising since more people are using mobile as a primary method of communication and for staying online wherever they are. It only makes sense that there is a growing number of instant messaging apps available. Are any of these instant messaging apps better than others? We look at the few popular ones to decide.


Used for business and not for business, this is the most popular instant messaging app that has ultimately replaced SMS messaging. This app allows you to instantly message your contacts, create groups and phone. This app allows you to see if your message has delivered, been read or if your contact is online or not. It relies on data to function, thus it can often result in hefty charges, but since there is WIFI everywhere, this instant messaging app is perfect for anyone that is in a WIFI zone majority of the time.


2. Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is a popular messaging app for people that already use Googles suite of products such as gmail. It allows you to make calls, create groups and allows for video calling. It works well in a business environment for users who have a gmail account and are familiar with Google.


3. Allo

Another product by Google, it differs from Hangouts in a number of ways. Firstly, Allo doesn’t have voice call capabilities, it is strictly used for text messaging. Plus it only works on one device at a time. However, it does posses some of the same capabilities in that it does not require a cellular connection and it is free to use over WIFI. Allo’s biggest attribute is it’s integration with Google Assistant.


4. Zello

During a major event, managers and planners might have to get hold of each other immediately, which as crazy as it sounds sending a text message might take too long. In situations like these, emergencies require immediacy, something similar to a walkie talkie. That is why apps like Zello allow you to page someone immediately, like you would with video communication, no phone calls and SMS’s needed.

5. Slack

Slack is real time messaging and brings all your communication together in one place. This instant messaging app allows you to chat in real-time, archiving and search for modern teams. Slack is a cloud based team collaboration tool, it began as a tool for an internal team in a company so it’s roots are in business. It allows you to create channels of communication, upload documents and images and video call. Install the app on your mobile device and you can receive message notifications.


6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook has always had the option to send a direct message, however, with the new and improved Facebook messenger application you can use Facebook messenger as an instant messaging tool. Connecting and contacting any of your Facebook friends, therefore you do not even need to know their number. Facebook messenger also allows you to conduct a phone call and send images.

7. Skype

Skype is well known for assisting with free international calls and video calling. It is also used for instant messaging. Skype is used widely for business and for personal communication.

There are a large amount of instant messaging applications available, however reviewing the features and offerings of each app will allow you to determine which one is applicable to what you would use it for, for instance business purposes will be different for if you will only use it personally.

February 28, 2017