Seen Some Bad Websites In Your Time?

Here at we are on the hunt for websites that just shouldn’t exist. We all know a few uncles, friends, or family that have a website out there that is just not up to scratch in 2017! If you haven’t already, read our article around why every company needs a proper website. Help us out by letting us know where they are, who they are, and if we build them a new website we will pay you R 1 000 for every site you bring us!

Just to be clear- if you were to for example send us 10 websites and 5 of them decided to let us build a new site for them, you will earn R5000. Simple!

Simply fill out this form to start the process and we will be in contact within the hour.

Note: All submissions are kept 100% confidential. Payments only made once website development is begun and client has paid initiation fee.

March 30, 2017