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Digital marketing can cover a number of different online channels, and if you don't have deep experience in all of these channels then handling your company's digital marketing can be a daunting task. We help you take the fear out of the decision making process by optimizing your monthly spend on these different channels through expert guidance and critical analysis of your company and it's competitors. More often than not digital marketing companies make initiatives on your behalf so complicated and so difficult to understand that you don't know if you're actually getting your money's worth! We bring it down to a level that anyone can understand, and for the first time, enjoy. Our areas of focus are tailored depending on your monthly spend within the following categories:

Search Marketing

Keyword Research & Planning – The initiation phase of search marketing entails an in-depth keyword research process. Various keyword groups will be established for each target segment. Keywords will be evaluated on matrix with the following elements; search volume, relevance and competition. The keyword list will be utilised within both the organic and paid search channels. We shall discuss further in detail to ensure we only get relevant quality traffic to your site. We have attached a few keywords to get an overview of the possible CPC.

Organic (Free) Search Traffic & Rankings

This will occur on a page-by-page basis in connection with the keyword strategy. A content strategy can be established which will assist in overall organic improvement. Ranking analysis and on-page grading tools will be set up for reporting and on-going optimisation.

Paid Search Traffic

A Google AdWords account is established and ads are currently running. Search campaigns will be redesigned if necessary for each target market and keyword group. On-going optimization will be performed to your account.


***** Marketing - A mailing list segmentation strategy can be developed. Mailer templates and signup forms will be created and reviewed. Reports on open rates and goal completion will be produced and reviewed in the monthly report. An ***** template can be designed for each segment. Remarketing Audiences - Google remarketing audiences can be established and the corresponding tracking and tag changes made to the site. Multiple timeframe and segment audiences can be built. Remarketing campaigns will be built to deliver KPI results.


Advertising on Facebook does not always yield high ROI, but rather assists in building a brand online and creating awareness. Facebook has a number of campaign objectives that can be used this includes:
  • Sending people to your website
  • Increase conversions on your website
  • Boost your posts
  • Promote your page (increase page likes)
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase engagement in your app
  • Raise attendance at your event
  • Get people to claim your offer
Page Likes These ads drive Facebook users to “like” the business page, which will assist in building a community that can constantly be interacted with and drive brand engagement. Website Clicks These ads are used to drive Facebook users directly to the website. A headline, body of text and Call to Action (CTA) are all added to a specific image. Post Boosts These are used to increase exposure of specific content that is shared on the business page, including text posts, images or videos etc. This tool should be used to promote any monthly specials or new products that would interest customers and would need to increase engagement.  Image Ad
  • Single Image Ad
  • Carousel Image Ad

Ad Targeting

Audiences can be highly targeted, allowing for focused and results driven campaigns. Your estimated daily reach changes according to your specified budget. See below example

Remarketing Audiences

Google remarketing audiences will be established and the corresponding tracking and tag changes made to the site. Remarketing campaigns will be built to deliver along with the display ads.


Google Analytics account is setup & implemented on the site (Go Fish will need access to the account). The account will be further tweaked to cater for a rich analysis environment including goal tracking, demographic reporting, remarketing, organic ranking, Google AdWords and Facebook traffic.


As a client you will receives a monthly report revealing site metrics, traffic channel movements, organic rankings and goal summaries. See attached demo Monthly Management spend The following 3rd party split is suggested to begin with and will be adjusted accordingly on reviews of performance:
  • AdWords Search : R10 000
  • Display Marketing : R2500
  • Social Media Advertising : R1500
Please note: Go Fish & SovTech do not charge a commission on the 3rd party advertising budgets. We feel this practice is counter-productive as the ultimate aim should be to generate more returns with a lower, well optimised, ad spend.


We do not tie our clients into fixed-term contracts; we believe our services will be retained if our clients are sufficiently happy with the KPI delivery and the interaction with our team. We do however charge for our monthly services upfront.

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