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Job Description

Already using SovTech's Marketing Automation Cloud? Take your software to the next level by harnessing the power of social network integration from SovTech.(brief intro) (integration Image)

What You Get

Automated marketing is closely tied to the concept of customer relationship management (CRM). Your CRM system should ideally hold all those lead which are ready for further interaction (usually personal, direct contact from someone knowledgeable on your products and/or services). Integrating with your CRM will ensure the communication channels with your customers are always open, and will also ensure that you have a comprehensive history of how you have spoken to your customers.

Why Buy This

By integrating SovTech's Marketing Cloud with Zoho CRM, you can harness all of the power of marketing automation and combine it with your current CRM to strengthen your customers relationships.

Job Requirements

  • A running instance of SovTech's Marketing Cloud
  • A running instance of Zoho CRM
  • Login details to SovTech's Marketing Cloud
  • Login details to Zoho CRM

What Is Marketing Automation Cloud?

Put your audience at the centre of all your digital marketing with SovTech's Marketing Automation Cloud application. Scalable 1-to-1 direct relationship across *****, web, social, mobile and more. Your Marketing Automation. Sorted.™ Learn more about this software here.

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