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Job Description

We've tailored this package to make it as easy as possible for you to get your online presence off the ground, with high quality content around your brand being the result. This is a real plug and play solution, with a 'lift-off' consultation before everything gets going make sure you're headed in the right direction. Guidance towards choosing what web content is required to populate the various platforms with quality content, linking back to your site or mentioning it, is essential for any online marketing strategy to move forward. This is a month-to-month service with no lock-in. Cancel whenever you want!

What Content You Get (Each Month)

  • 4 blog posts* on your website (1 post a week)
  • 20 tweets (1 tweet every weekday)
  • 4 Facebook updates (1 post a week)
  • Title suggestions for your content, tweets, and Facebook posts
  • Management form brief to final edit
  • Uploading, formatting, and scheduling on your content management system (CMS e.g. WordPress, Joomla, custom CMS)
  • Cotent audit
*Blog posts come in different lengths, we’ll work on what’s best for you based on your content marketing strategy.

Why Buy This

You'd buy this if you’re struggling to keep your social profiles updated with quality content.

Job Requirements

  • A functioning website
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts (We can help you set these up if they don't exist yet)
  • An enthusiastic attitude to learn as we teach you the way (or just sit back and relax)

Lost? Let's fill you in

What are Blog Posts?

Blogs are incredibly effective in helping your website rank on search engines like Google. Generally, blog posts are around 300 – 400 words long, contain links to relevant resources and have interesting images or videos. Blog writing is less formal so you can connect with your target market on a personal level and blogs also offer the opportunity to inject some fun and interactive elements into your website like polls, count-down clocks and videos. Blogs need to be updated consistently in order for them to be effective.

How does Blog writing help?

A regularly updating blog provides fresh content, creates opportunities for other people to link to you (backlinks) and can provide value to your target market in the form of relevant information and news. Google algorithms also likes fresh, new, relevant content – which is exactly what a blog provides.  From a marketing perspective, a blog can help in creating a relationship with your target market by providing interesting, helpful information and also opens up channels of communication which raises your credibility. Having a blog on your website will result in naturally optimised content, helping you to rank well for your specific search terms. Blogs also encourage user generated content and there is the possibility of a well written and interesting post being shared online through Twitter or Facebook.

What is Facebook?

You know what Facebook is, I’m not going to waste your time by explaining it – what I will explain is the Facebook Fan page or the page which you would create to represent your corporate identity. Fan pages are indexed by Google and make it easy to share information with your audience.

How can Facebook updates help your business?

Having a presence on Facebook will increase your online footprint, and offer another way for potential clients to find you and for current clients to keep in touch.  Facebook updates offer a fantastic opportunity to engage with your market and like all social media content, needs to be interesting, but unfortunately can also be very time consuming, which is why our access to a team of freelance copywriters, comes in handy.

What are Tweets?

Tweets are the status updates of 140 characters or less, which get sent on the social networking platform Twitter. Tweet content comes in a set of 20 which is one a day for a month (excluding weekends) and is made up of  a mixture of business specific things like promotions, specials and newly published blog posts – as well as interesting case studies, quotes, videos or images which are not connected with your business, but you know will be interesting to your followers. Coming up with interesting and engaging social media content can be time consuming, which is why we offers basic Tweet content which you can use to keep your profile active.

How do Tweets help?

Twitter is an invaluable business tool, not just in terms of helping to broadcast your message to an audience, but also for your online presence. Some people choose to use Tweet content to stay informed and in touch with things which are relevant to their business, this means that if you are not on Twitter, you are missing out on this potential for connecting. More and more people are using Twitter as a search engine to find service providers or to find out what people are saying about certain things to help them in the decision making process, so it is very important that you are active within this space. If you don't have a website yet, why not head over and get one designed or built in our Web & Mobile Category?

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