Sales & CRM Cloud: Accounting Integration – Quickbooks

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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Job Description

Already using Sales & CRM Cloud? Take your software to the next level by harnessing the power of social network integration from SovTech.(brief intro) (integration Image)

What You Get

Sales & CRM Cloud integration with Quickbooks makes it easy to sync your Contacts, Products, Services, Vendors and Invoices between your existing QuickBooks Online and SovTech's CRM accounts. If you have information in one place, it's automatically synced on the another. It really is that simple. The great thing about this integration is that you will ensure that your information is always up to date across your accounting, sales, and after-sales teams.

Why Buy This

A place for everything and everything in it's place. Make that place the Sales & CRM Cloud. Why struggle with multiple platforms and dashboards when you can get all the information and controls you would use on a single platform? That is what this integration offers and will ensure that your administrative tasks are optimised. Every person in your team can know what is happening as soon someone makes a change.

Job Requirements

  • A running instance of SovTech's CRM
  • A running instance of Quickbooks
  • Login details for Sales and CRM Cloud
  • Login details for Quickbooks account

What Is Sales & CRM Cloud?

A complete Sales & CRM Cloud solution that easily automates your sales, customer service and client management processes. Users get powerful functionality they will actually want to use- driving higher adoption, better operations and greater business insights. Your Cloud Sales & CRM. Sorted™. Learn more about this software here.

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