Integration: Sugar CRM & PostgreSQL

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Job Description

There are many systems out there that rely on PostgreSQL Server as the database technology to support all their storage. This is in no way a bad decision, but often leaves these systems with information that is trapped in these systems. We all know that for information to be truly powerful within a company it needs to be accessible across a number of systems, and not only where it originated. This Sugar CRM & PostgreSQL Server integration package aims to free your information, and allow for the one, or two directional syncing of this information between two systems, namely Sugar CRM & PostgreSQL Server.

What You Get

This package will allow you to integrate your Sugar CRM & PostgreSQL Server based system. It includes 20 hours of integration, which should be more than enough to connect up any existing tables between the two systems. We usually recommend no more than 5 tables on each side with no more than 10 columns in each within the given 20 hour timeframe. Any time not spent can be 'banked' for future use should any table structures change. The syncing of the systems can be scheduled to occur on a daily basis, during hours that the systems are least impacted by human and scheduled activity.

Why Buy This Sugar CRM & PostgreSQL Server Integration

Traditional business software is often based on PostgreSQL Server technology, and unlocking this information by distributing it to other systems such as Sugar CRM can bring to surface more powerful information. This package is bought in order to maximize use of information within a company, and maximize the power that more modern day systems such as Sugar CRM bring to the table.

Job Requirements

  • Any system that uses PostgreSQL Server as it's core database technology
  • A licensed instance of Sugar CRM
  • Details of tables on both systems that need to be integrated
  • A signed SovTech NDA to protect both parties, especially the client's data.
  • 3 days preparation in order to schedule one of SovTech's in house experts to do a database analysis, validating client requests.
Please note that should the integration be ongoing (scheduled to run daily, for example), the service will carry a charge of R600/pm for enhanced monitoring and reporting for you the client.

What Other Integrations Are Available?

We offer a number of integration services between CRM systems, Ecommerce systems, Accounting Systems, ***** systems, and our most popular category Database systems. Be sure to speak to us online about any questions you may have around your systems. We are experts in the field!

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